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About edTPA Minnesota

About edTPA Minnesota

Minnesota has become a leader in a nationwide effort to better ensure that teachers beginning their careers are truly prepared to teach effectively. This initiative revolves around the edTPAâ„¢ assessment process, which requires teacher candidates to demonstrate the skills needed to enter the classroom ready to help all their students learn.

Beginning in January 2014, full implementation of the edTPA will take place. All 31 Minnesota institutions of higher education are requiring their teacher candidates to complete the edTPA process. Schools across the state that support teacher preparation through clinical experiences and student teaching placements will be involved as well.

This is not just another hoop to become a licensed teacher. edTPA Minnesota gives Minnesota a common measure of teacher candidates by asking each of them to demonstrate the actual skills required to improve student learning.

edTPA has been available nationally since the beginning of the 2012-13 academic year. In the 2011-12 academic year, more than 7,000 teacher candidates in 22 states participated in a national field test, demonstrating that edTPA can become a rigorous, valid assessment that can be scored reliably.